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Baron Cassareep

Baron Cassareep


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Made from the cassava (yucca), cassareep is the thick black liquid that results from boiling of the cassava root. This viscous liquid is the star ingredient for Guyanese "Pepperpot" (a thick rich stew served with bread) and is used in several Caribbean islands. Besides its use as a flavouring and browning agent, it is a well known preservative.

Like the original Amerindian version, Pepperpot it is usually made in a large pot and can be reheated and eaten over several days because the cassareep starts preserving the meat. Versions of the dish are also served in several other countries in the Caribbean, including Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent and Jamaica.  

Cassareep is distinctive in flavour and has a somewhat smoky bittersweet flavour. If you are to believe the folklore, Grenadian nurse Betty Mascoll had a pepperpot that was maintained with cassareep for more than a century. Dutch planters in Suriname also reportedly had pepperpots for daily use that they kept cooking for many years.