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About Us

What the Caribbean Means to Us

There is so much more to the Caribbean than rustic islands basking in the sun surrounded by water. The Caribbean is a complex mix of ethnicities and this diversity is reflected in the food and culture of the region.

Our Mission 

Our mission at Charles & Co is to bring the Caribbean to you no matter who or where you are in the world. From cuisine, kitchen items and thoughtful gifts, our products are sourced from the islands or created with that island inspiration so that everyone can discover, shop and cook to get a better understanding about this eclectic region. It's about showcasing Caribbean culture and cuisine in a modern, contemporary and exciting light.
As with everything Charles & Co, it is about personal connections, memories, and Caribbean heritage. The name is homage to our Caribbean connections and to all of the hard work and dedication that it took to build a brand that stands for excellence. In an age where people travel and experience so much more than they did ever before, it's time to include the Caribbean in that experience. 
Diversity Of Caribbean Culture