TO ALL CUSTOMERS: We have closed our store in Eindhoven. You can still shop online for all your Caribbean items

Welcome to the world of Charles & Co

It is not every day you find your passion, and with the launch of Charles & Co I think I have found exactly that. Putting yourself out there takes courage especially when you are accustomed to being the front of someone else's brand or business. Taking that leap requires a combination of determination and motivation. Not to mention taking that leap during an unprecedented pandemic that has brought businesses to their knees. 

Our mission at Charles & Co is to bring the inspiration of the Caribbean to your doors. Our products are sourced from the islands or created with that island inspiration so that everyone can discover, shop and cook. When COVID-19 struck suddenly people found themselves at home again. Videos across social media showed proud moms rediscovering cooking and the art of just "being at home." That is when I knew I was on the right track. Online businesses are booming and people are searching for ways to spend more time with loved ones and to discover new and exciting things. 

I hope you will enjoy Charles & Co as much as I have enjoyed bringing the idea to life. There is still much to be done. Our original plans had us island hopping across the Caribbean bringing you even more items and the very best video and photo content for our recipes that use the items we sell. As the world gradually begins to understand what this pandemic means, I hope that Charles & Co will develop and become what it truly was meant to be. A space where elegant items across the Caribbean region can be found to really showcase this eclectic part of the world that has contributed so much to life around the world.