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Good Things Take Time - The Development Process

So much to do and so little time. Every customer needs their items now! Corona limitations did little to help our business grow since our launch earlier in 2020. Inventory, photography and manufacturing were all affected due to COVID-19. Add to that a change in purchasing behaviour from consumers and you have a recipe for business meltdown.

One thing we did not compromise on is the quality of our items. If that meant that we had to delay the launch of our products then so be it. Our latest product the "by Charles & Co Natural Wax Candle" is a testament to this difficult process. We began by meticulously finding the best manufacturers of bespoke candles in the world. This took us to France where we ended up working with one of the most renowned companies in the candle making business. Famed for producing items for French luxury fashion houses, we had to contend with companies not even wanting to speak with us because orders were just too small and our brand unknown. The biggest problem for us at this juncture was, "how to produce a luxury item with the best manufacturers if they won't engage with you?"

Confidence and understanding exactly what your brand needs to represent is key to success. It was a sharp learning curve: understanding and complying with EU regulations and the intricacies of the perfume business.

 We are proud to say that after a year we are able to launch the custom Charles & Co Natural Wax Candle with a bespoke scent made in France from one of the most notable manufacturers in the business. Strict guidelines on sustainability were maintained, and we are sure that our product can compete with the best in the world for unrivalled luxury and quality - all with Caribbean branding.

These candles make the perfect gift, and I like to think that by sharing a little bit of the development process that we have shared a little bit about what we stand for. Caribbean excellence.